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Mr. C.Hi. My name is John Cantlin and I provide math tutoring services to students in and around Oneonta, Alabama.

* Best suited for TOP math students, I think I can make your math even better.
* Hard working students only, look for shortcuts elsewhere. :-)

I am a retired math teacher with ten years of full-time experience teaching eighth to twelfth grade math as a certified public school teacher in Illinois and Alabama. My classes have included Algebra I, Algebra II, geometry, precalculus and, as an adjunct instructor for Snead State Community College, dual-enrollment math classes Mth 112 Precalculus Algebra and Mth113 Precalculus Trigonometry. Prior to teaching I spent over twenty years working in nuclear power in the US Navy and at commercial power plants. I have two degrees in engineering and one in education. I have extensive experience in one-one math tutoring as I offered free tutoring, six days a week during my nine years of teaching at a public high school in Alabama and have been offering paid tutoring in Oneonta since 2013.

ACT Preparation
I can tutor any math, but my specialty, where I feel I can make the most difference, is in long-term preparation for the ACT. My ideal candidate would be a motivated and mature eighth or ninth grader willing to spend one day a week for the next two to three years learning math, which will also prepare your student for the math part of the ACT. I will do some coaching specific to the test, but the vast majority of the help I will provide is teaching the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry needed to succeed in a math curriculum at any four-year college. One-on-one learning is much more powerful and effective than learning in a class of 20 to 30 other students. The math part of the ACT is, in my experience and opinion, a fair test and a fair measure of a student's knowledge of the math fundamentals needed for college. I am very familiar and experienced with teaching those topics. I would like to partner with parents to prepare their students for college, not only to get into the college of their choice, but also to improve their chance of obtaining one of the many scholarships available for students who can demonstrate mastery of the math fundamentals needed for college.

There are no gimmicks, no nonsense, just good old-fashioned, old school math. I believe in the timeless values of discipline, perseverance, and work.

There is no contract, fire your tutor anytime you are not satisfied. I would expect to charge for a tutoring session that was scheduled and canceled with less than twenty-four hours notice. Likewise, if I cancel a session with less than twenty-four hours notice, the following session will be provided at no charge. :-) Parents are encouraged to attend tutoring with your student, the more interest you show, the more interest your student will show.

Thanks for visiting Please browse the other pages of this site for more information and contact me with any questions. If you are preparing for the ACT, I encourage you to use as many additional resources as you can. The more ways you prepare, the better. I have never heard anyone say he/she prepared too much for the math part of the ACT. There are other in-person resources to explore, such as concentrated training classes. There are too many online resources to count. I encourage you to try as many as you have the time and energy to attempt. In-person tutoring is just one tool in your toolbox. But if you start early, and stick to a disciplined program of study, I think it can be the most important of your ACT preparation tools. Good luck.



Tutoring for a Scholarship

Tutoring is not just for students that are having trouble!

A good math student can post a great math ACT score by studying and practicing. The math part is a knowledge-based test and is a fair test of what math you know. Not only does a good score improve your chance of getting in to the college of your choice, it puts in play very impressive and potentially life-changing college scholarships.
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