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Exam Mode:
  • Note: putting the calculator into "Exam Mode" is also, to the best of my knowledge, the only way to "Reset" and flush all your old programs and intermediate calculations which which I like to do whenever I start a new calculator "session".
  • Go to "Settings" and activate the Exam Mode. Per the User Manual "Enabling the exam mode deletes all recorded data: calculation history, variables, function list, statistical series, Python scripts, etc. When the exam mode is active, a symbol appears in the yellow band at the top of the screen and the LED on the front edge of the calculator flashes red."
  • To deactivate the Exam Mode: "Connect the calculator to a computer via a USB cable. As soon as you connect the machine, a message appears asking you if you want to exit the exam mode. You are no longer in exam mode: the symbol Exam mode disappears from the display and the LED stops flashing red."
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APCalculus Calculator Related:
  • Excerpt: AP Calculus AB Calculator Policy:
    The AP Program ensures that the exam questions do not favor students who use graphing calculators with more extensive built-in features.
    A graphing calculator appropriate for use on the exam is expected to have the built-in capability to:
    • Plot the graph of a function within an arbitrary viewing window
    • Find the zeros of functions (solve equations numerically)
    • Numerically calculate the derivative of a function
    • Numerically calculate the value of a definite integral
  • General AP Exam Calculator Policy - inc. approved models
  • APCalculus AB Exam Calculator Policy
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