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Testimonials/Recommendations from Parents and Students of Mr. C.
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March, 2014
From 2004 until 2012, I had the pleasure of teaching at Susan Moore High School with Mr. C. During this time I witnessed first hand by my students and by my own son the impact that Mr. C. had on students. I saw the compassion for students that Mr. C. displayed not only in the classroom but also after school while either tutoring or attending extracurricular activities in which students were involved. Mr. C. never accepted the fact that one student did not have the same opportunities as another student. He taught and cared for each student equally. I have never witnessed any teacher spend as much time helping students as Mr. C. and, of course, Mrs. C. too! Personally, my oldest son, C.J., was taking dual enrollment during his senior year. He was allowed to come from his high school to SMHS for Mr. Cantlin's Math 113 class. During this time, C.J. also spent about one week with Mr. C. preparing for the ACT. Needless to say, his math score improved by four points! Now, that is not the norm, but it is exceptional for someone who had done nothing to prepare for the ACT previously. Mr. C is an outstanding teacher and advocate for students. We are fortunate to have him in our community!
--Terri Hubauer, former co-worker and parent of a student.

March, 2014
I have a dual purpose in writing this recommendation for John Cantlin. First, I worked alongside Mr. C for many years. He is highly organized, efficient and motivated to helping students grow in the concepts and applications of math. He devoted his after school hours and Saturday mornings to tutoring students needing help in math or ACT prep. Secondly, most importantly, I am a parent with first hand knowledge of Mr. Cantlin helping my son in math. Mr. Cantlin spent many hours teaching and reteaching math skills to my son. As a college freshman, during his first semester, my son would come home on weekends and Mr. Cantlin would once again help him to understand and apply both old and new math skills. I can honestly say that John Cantlin desires for every student to have success, not only in math but in life. His time with students is priceless; it is a privilege for me to count him as one of my friends.
--Sherri Alldredge, former co-worker/parent of former student.

April, 2014
I have known Mr. Cantlin for over 10 years. He is by far the best math teacher any parent or student could ever ask for! I have seen his teaching methods first hand and was in awe at his abilities to teach math in a way the students understood. My oldest daughter, Ashley, had him in class for 4 years before he retired. With his dedication as a teacher and fantastic math abilities he was able to help her reach her ACT goal of a 31. Since his retirement I contacted him about tutoring my ninth grader to help prepare her for the ACT. Caitlyn is now tutoring once a week and hates to miss a session. She is more advanced than most of her peers in her math class at school because of his help. Words cannot express how grateful I am to him for continuing his tutoring sessions so that Caitlyn can benefit from his math sessions like Ashley did.
--Katrina Jennings - former co-worker and parent of a current tutor student.

April, 2014
Mr. Cantlin was John’s math teacher at SMHS, where we took advantage of after-school and Saturday tutoring. We were always extremely pleased with the tutoring, mentoring and education John received from Mr. Cantlin. Information and resources were always readily available on his website. John still refers to! When we had questions about John’s performance, Mr. Cantlin always responded to our requests in a prompt and honest manner. He worked diligently to help John succeed in his classes and to prepare for the ACT. We started tutoring sessions and ACT prep with Mr. Cantlin early in John’s high school career. Following his first Saturday session with Mr. Cantlin, he met with my husband and me. He encouraged us to start working for a scholarship-worthy ACT score immediately. Great advice! John took the ACT in December of his freshmen year. We ordered a copy of the test from ACT, as recommended by Mr. Cantlin. Mr. Cantlin went through the math and science portions of the test with John, especially the items he had missed. Three years later, in September of his senior year, his composite score had increased by 8 points, with a 9 point jump in math and 7 point jump in science! I credit his ACT score largely to the efforts of John Cantlin. We also thank Mr. Cantlin for helping John qualify for and receive a full tuition scholarship to Auburn University! When John received his ACT score, he wanted to send it immediately to Mr. Cantlin. He required our son’s best effort, motivated him to give it willingly, and provided the education to help him achieve to the best of his ability! Thanks, Mr. Cantlin! You made a positive difference in John Peppers’ life!
--Kevin and Monya Peppers, parents of a former student.

April, 2014
I am the parent of two of Mr. Cantlin’s former students. Kimberly had Mr. Cantlin her senior year for math, but she went to him for tutoring during the spring of her junior year and brought up her ACT math scores by 5 points! Matthew had Mr. Cantlin all four of his high school years and he also went to tutoring with Mr. Cantlin, (and Mrs. Cantlin!) in the afternoons and on Saturday mornings and was able to score a 32 on the Math portion of the ACT. Matthew received a full tuition scholarship to Auburn University and we feel that Mr. Cantlin played a huge part in making that possible. Matthew started in Calculus 1 at Auburn University his freshman year. In the algebra and trigonometry portions of his math class at Auburn he had a stronger foundation than most of his peers who came from the larger high schools. Mr. Cantlin is a great role model; he is honest with the students and has a sincere interest in their lives. Matthew is completing his freshman year of college and still emails Mr. Cantlin for advice, not only regarding math, but on college and career decisions. Mr. Cantlin has a great sense of humor and interacts well with teens. I believe that he will be a life-long friend and mentor to Matthew. As a co-worker of Mr. Cantlin’s, I observed his genuine interest, compassion and dedication to all of the students he taught. He was one of the most beloved and talented teachers ever at Susan Moore High School and he is greatly missed!
--Lori Jones / former co-worker and parent of former students.

May, 2014
I just wanted to thank Mr. Cantlin for all his help in the past months in preparing my two daughters for the math portion of the ACT. I am extremely impressed with his way of teaching and his one-on-one interaction with my daughters. When my daughters had a question, Mr. C was very prompt and courteous in answering! I highly recommend Mr. C's tutoring services to anyone in need. And we are extremely satisfied with the results. Thanks Mr. C!
--Anita Patkar, Mother of Monica and Sheka at Oneonta High School

May, 2014
We started using Mr. Cantlin's tutoring to improve Brada's scores in the math section of the test. Not only did Brada's ACT math score improve greatly, her grade in Pre-Calculus improved as well! My only regret is that I did not access his tutoring services before I did!
--Linda Sartain King, Mother of Brada, Senior at Cleveland High School.

June, 2014
Mr. C is easily one of the greatest math teachers I have ever had in my life. He genuinely loves math and loves teaching people about it. I was in his high school math classes for two years and learned incredible amounts! He is also one of the biggest reasons I was able to pass my collegiate level math courses. I cannot recommend this man enough!
--Brad Collins, former student, current JSU Senior.

July, 2014
July, 2014 - Update
My son's ACT math score rose four points after tutoring. Science went up six points. --Tonya Criswell, Snead, AL.
March, 2014
We have had the pleasure of having two children in Mr. Cantlin's math classes. My son is currently a junior at Susan Moore High School and we were looking for quality, affordable ACT prep class. We have been very pleased with the quality of educational activities, one on one tutoring, and detailed parent feedback we have experienced with Mr. Cantlin. Our only regret is not starting Tyler's prep tutoring for the ACT test when he was in ninth grade.
--Tonya and David Criswell, Snead, AL.

September, 2014
Mr. Cantlin is hands-down the best math teacher I've ever had. He genuinely cares about his students and wants them to understand how math works, not just how to do the problems. In high school I had Mr. C for a free period that we used for ACT prep. I was very prepared for the test and got a score I was very happy with. I am now on a 'full tuition and books' scholarship at JSU that I received based on my ACT score. Mr. C is an amazing teacher. Find out for yourself :)
--Jody Lyn Snead, former student and currently a JSU Junior

November, 2014
I would like to recommend Mr C for math tutoring, my daughter Kayleigh had him two years in high school and he would stay after school and help his student whom struggled in math and my daughter struggles in math but Mr C was always willing to help her and we just recently went to him for ACT tutoring and she went from a 18 to a 23 in two months with his help! Thank you Mr C for everything you have done for us!!
--Sauna Eller, Susan Moore

November, 2014
My name is Julia Wall. My son, Luke Wall, has tutored with Mr. Cantlin this fall in preparation for the ACT test and the foundational math skills he was missing. Mr. Cantlin went above and beyond by teaching him strategies for science as well. Luke was able to raise his composite score two points and his math score by five points which is fantastic. This will help Luke receive even more academic and athletic scholarships. One thing you need to know is that your student will be doing the work and must have a good work ethic to be successful. Mr. Cantlin will be very supportive of your student, but they must do their part. We highly recommend him and his services to others on a regular basis. Luke appreciates the support and tutoring this has given him to be successful.
--Julia Wall, Instructional Coach at Hayden Primary and Hayden Elementary Schools in Blount County. CALT dyslexia therapist.

February, 2015
I tutored with Mr. C. for a little over a month and in four sessions with him my science score went up three points and math two. I highly recommend him, great tutor!
--Noah Allcorn, Senior, Susan Moore High School

August, 2015
My son took the Compass placement test for dual enrollment & did not attain the required score even though he has always excelled in math. Our school counselor gave me Mr. Cantlin's number & suggested we have him do an evaluation & identify any area of weakness. We only had 2 weeks to work with in order to have time to retake the Compass & register for fall semester. My son had two extended sessions with Mr.C & retook the Compass. He only needed to score 4 points higher, however, he scored 29 points higher! Mr. C did an awesome job of pinpointing a weakness & preparing him for the test!
--Christy Hawkins, Mother of sophomore Seth at Douglas High School

November, 2015
Mr. Cantlin shows the same passion for math as ball player does for his/her sport. That passion has made him the greatest math teacher and tutor. He enabled me to increase my ACT math enough to raise my entire composite score. I was thoroughly satisfied for the advice he offered me. I highly recommend him as a tutor. Also, if the man says to practice, you better practice! I could've done even better had I done it.
--Lecil Brothers, former student of Mr. Cantlin, Senior, Susan Moore High School

June, 2016
Mr. Cantlin is one of the best, if not the best teachers/ tutors you will find for Math instruction. My daughter just took Math tutoring from Mr. Cantlin and was with him for approximately one year. In that time she progressed by leaps and bounds in her knowledge and retention of what she was taught. Mr. Cantlin is also a great motivator and helps to instill confidence in his students as they learn new material or cover material that they may have forgotten. My daughter improved her overall ACT score by three points and she consistently stayed ahead in her Algebra 2/ Trig class in school. Mr. Cantlin helped her to achieve and maintain an "A" average throughout the school year. I had the opportunity to work around Mr. Cantlin for six years at Susan Moore High School while I served as the School Resource Officer there during that time. I saw firsthand the commitment and passion Mr. Cantlin exhibited in a daily basis for his students to teach them and to also assist them after school if they needed extra help with their school work. He is a great teacher/ tutor and when my daughter wanted ACT prep tutoring I thought of Mr. Cantlin first and am very glad I did so.
--Lt. Russ Claburn Blount County Sheriff's Office. Supervisor of School Resource Officer Division

September, 2016
My child was tutored by Mr. Cantlin for two years. He is a wonderful math tutor. It has been our experience that he does not teach his students to pass a test. He teaches them to understand math. He breaks his lessons down in a way that students understand what he/she is doing and why. For example, he does not teach them a+b=c. He teaches them why a+b=c. In addition to helping students understand concepts taught in a math class, he helps students improve his/her ACT score. He does so by helping the student understand what he/she missed on the test. (Parents must buy their child’s answers from ACT for this.) Both Ethan and I are very thankful for his help and highly recommend him.
--Angie Hogeland, Mother of Senior Ethan at OHS.

December, 2017
I highly recommend Mr. Cantlin as a tutor if your child is struggling with math. I met Mr. Cantlin when I was in 12th grade and tutored with him until my sophomore year in college. I really wish I came to him earlier in my math years because I was seriously lacking in my math abilities. Considering that all of my past tutors and math teachers never really taught me to really appreciate and understand the fundamentals of math, he had to teach me from the bottom-up, and I eventually started to make A's on all of my test. Mr. Cantlin puts a lot of time and effort into each individual's problems and needs, making your tutoring session worth your time. Trust me when I say he is the best because he was the best math tutor I ever had.
--Jessica Crim, Sophomore in College(Tutored by Mr. Cantlin for two years).

October, 2020
My son, Logan transferred to school in Alabama from out of state in 2016 during his 8th grade year. Upon transferring we discovered that the math curriculum in his new school was vastly different from that which he was learning in his old school and my son was completely lost from day one. His first math quiz score was a 15 and on his second he scored a 20. Because math builds upon itself, we knew that the longer he stayed lost, the more difficult it would become to get him caught up. Logan’s school advised that he be held back a year in math and repeat 8th grade math in his 9th grade. However Logan is a smart student and believed in his abilities. He knew he could catch up and was willing to put in the extra work if we could just find someone willing to teach him. Fortunately we found Mr. C, who put Logan on math triage with intense learning sessions. Within three weeks, Logan began passing his math quizzes at school. His teacher was so impressed with his progress that by the end of his 8th grade year, she gladly promoted him to honors algebra.
Mr. C has continued to work with Logan throughout his high school years, supplementing and reinforcing his math education as well as preparing him for the ACT and SAT. Logan is a senior now and consistently earns A’s in his AP math classes. With Mr. C’s preparation, Logan scored a 33 on the math portion of his ACT and scored a 740 on the math portion of his SAT. He is applying to colleges as a STEM major with very good scholarship prospects. Logan’s success in math would not have been possible without Mr. C’s tutoring. Mr. C has not only strengthened Logan’s math abilities, but also spends time encouraging his interest in other STEM-related subjects. Mr. C conducts his tutoring sessions with absolute professionalism and prepares customized curriculum emphasizing good student habits that Logan has utilized in other subjects as well. Logan’s future is bright and the influence that Mr. C has had on Logan’s education has been life-changing.
--Deborah Burch, mother of a graduating senior at Ashville High School.

November, 2020
My daughter was a student of Mr Cantlin’s from the summer of her 7th grade year until she graduated high school. We used him during the school year and during the summer. As a mom I was looking for someone to help my daughter with her math homework, upcoming tests, and prepare her for the ACT. I chose Mr Cantlin because of the impact he had on his students while teaching at Susan Moore and was referred to him by one of those students. These kids light up when you mention his name. Their best school memories include him and he gave my daughter the same experience. This past weekend at a wedding of a former student he became the topic of conversation at our table after my daughter gave Mr Cantlin the credit for why she chose accounting as her major. I listened to moms and students share their favorite stories about MrC. One of their memories that resonated with me was that Mr Cantlin stayed everyday after school until 5pm to offer free tutoring to any of his students. We saw the same passion for math and dedication to his students. My daughter’s senior year she was making almost straight 100’s in math. She confessed to this table that she knew she didn’t need him for math anymore but kept going because she wasn’t ready to let him go yet. I agreed. He was her Math teacher. He was her Math teacher but also prepared her for many life lessons. Breaking up with Mr Cantlin was one of the hardest things we had to do. Our family is very grateful for her standing Tuesday night appointment and the investment he made in all of us!! We love Mr Cantlin!!
--Valleri Zeanah, parent of Oneonta student

November, 2020
I have been in education for 29 years. I've seen good and bad educators, and I like to think I can determine the difference in the two quickly. Mr. Cantlin is a GREAT educator. We took our daughter, Madison, to get math help from Mr. Cantlin because although she was an A/B student math was really hard for her and we just could not help her at home. From the very first session I knew that we had found the right person. Mr. Cantlin understands how kids think. He can see where they need help and he tears down bad math habits and creates new understanding that makes them stronger math students. I have to be honest and tell you that I found myself listening and learning along with Madison. I would recommend Mr. Cantlin to anyone who is looking to improve their child's math understanding and knowledge. Madison has moved on to the University of Alabama now and is in her first "college" math class. She tells me every time we talk that she understands what they are doing in the class because of what she learned from Mr. Cantlin. Rhonda and I can not thank him enough for the confidence and the knowledge that he gave her in the two years that she attended tutoring sessions with him.
--Steven Love father of Madison Love, Cleveland High School (2020) UA Freshman!

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